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Loli Lux is a Live performer/Music artist residing in New York City. Her Live performance style has been categorized as Space Disco and Electro Pop and her DJ sets are a groovy and dirty fuse of Dutch House and Stomping Feet Electro Beats. Loli Lux podcast on iTunes has reached around 5000 Downloads of Mixes per day, Official www.Loliland.tv website gets anywhere between 9000 – 20000 Daily unique visitors. Prior to conquering the stage with a microphone she lead her career as one of the top female DJ’s in the world. Loli is a different and new kind of entertainer . Her talents do not just end at the turn tables. Loli is also a singer, producer and a business owner. DJ Loli launched her Loliland inc enterprises

rise in 2007. Originally focusing on her music career DJ Loli’s enterprise has begun to blossom into other areas of merchandising such as Loliland Record label, LoliLand Apparel as well as, Loli’s collaboration with Aerial 7, on clothing line and signature LoliLand designed headphones, just examples of Loli’s metamorphosis into a global entrepreneur and phenomena. Loliland Records is a fast growing international label that includes but is not limited to releases of the following artists: AC Slater, DJ Loli, Trash Yourself, Nick SUpply, Alex Zelenka, ZE etc.

Since finishing her tour with Tommy Lee, Loli has traveled the world as a DJ and Singer. Loli’s US TV appearances include an AXE Body Spray commercial and an extra role on HBO’s Entourage. Loli has also appeared on E! Entertainment, Fashion TV, LP33TV and most recently a Current TV segment which aired in the US and Europe’s various TV channels and is being featured on Hulu’s “Best Of The Rest” segment showcasing her extraterrestrial talent.

Once relocating from London where she achieved her degree to Los Angeles, she received an offer for a DJ residency at Avalon nightclub. Since then, she has toured the United States with Tommy Lee, DJ Aero, many others. Since Loli has headlined and shared the main stage with the biggest names in the industry.

Riding a tsunami of success from 2009′s releases which peaked in Beatport Top 100 and tour dates including Tokyo, Dallas, Seoul, Switzerland, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles and Munich, Loli Has a vibe that Doc Johnson could not simulate.

2010 has only cemented the fact that Loli is “The Queen Of The Scene” and the world is her kingdom.

.She has guest performed at the best clubs around USA and world including Avalon, San Francisco’s Ruby Skye, Love Parade, Lizzard Lounge in Dallas, Sound bar in Chicago and PURE in Las Vegas. Coming off a stellar 2006 with a residency at Avalon , Loli appeared on Numerous Billboards around the world and in the publications such as the Rolling Stone magazine, Vice magazine, DJ Times, Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, DJ Mag, WWD, ASKMen, Cabo Noche magazine in Cabo, Move On magazine in Tokyo, Cover of Supermodels Unlimited, Las Vegas Weekly, Racket Magazine, Saturday Night Magazine, 20 Minutes Newspaper in Switzerland numerous Music Blogs. Maxim magazine (Indonesia) has nominated Loli as one of the top DJ’s and presented her interview with a Six page Photo story. Loli has also appeared on Radio including Sirius radio. She has released a number of records that has been topping music charts including Beatport Top 100 downloads. PreLatest artists released by LoliLand Records include: AC Slater, Nick Supply, Trash Yourself, Loli Lux,

Alex Zelenka, Submerge 101, Vicious, MC Jamain, R U Guyz Brothers,Audius, Sick Boy, Rossell and many more which can be foundAs digital downloads and as physical CD purchaise on Itunes, Beatport, Amazon and other Online Music Stores. Some are available to listen on LOLILAND official websiteLoli Lux’s Site,  Loli Lux SoundCloud, InstagramFacebookLoliLand YouTube,    

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